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Touched by Addiction was founded by former addict Bohdan Lopatnyuk and likeminded friends whose lives have all been touched by addiction.

Our vision is to provide treatment paths, referral information, resources, and hope for those touched by addiction. Our services are free and entirely donor supported. Touched by Addiction is open to all—for the addicted themselves, as well as family and friends of those struggling with addictions.

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Touched by Addiction is a non-profit organization registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act with CRA charitable status pending.

Our work is made possible through the generosity of our donors. Please give.

When you do give, please consider joining our monthly giving group called Spark Partners. YOU can help spark change in a person’s life by supporting our work year-round. Your monthly gift will help sustain our work supporting our toll-free line, resources, bursaries, and free subsidized entrance fees for those who qualify. Thank you for your generous support!

“I praise God for His deliverance. I was recently wounded in a mortar attack in Ukraine and the shrapnel passed through my leg without damaging bones or hitting a major artery. The surgeon at the field hospital said it was a miracle that I was alive, first, but also a miracle that I still have my leg!”

Bohdan Lopatnyuk

About Bohdan

At only 28 years-old, Bohdan Lopatnyuk has already fought two tours of duty with the Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression. A fluent speaker of English, Ukrainian, and Russian, Bohdan felt a strong call to fight for his native country while also fighting addiction in his adopted home, Canada.

As a former addict, Bohdan understands how addictions destroy lives and families. He founded Touched by Addiction to be an essential resource and guide for those addicted or touched by it. When not fighting in Ukraine or ministering to the addicted, Bohdan lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Touched by Addiction is currently lead by George Glover, Executive Director. If you wish to contact George to learn more about our vision and work, please fill out the contact form below. We promise to be in touch soon.

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George Glover

David Swanton

Bohdan Lopatnyuk

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